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Progression of Planting the 2020 Spring Grains

Scott Hucker

Well, this is not how I expected the planting to begin.  I had planned to expand stocks of varieties that had limited inventories. There are a few noteworthy varieties that I wished to be able to sell as 7 gram packets instead of only 50 selected seeds.  Instead, I will be focusing on varieties that meeting these requirements:

  • Are the most easily processed for eating (no hulls)
  • Supply range of proteins and calories

I will plant them in the sequence of their expected harvest to be able to provide bird netting coverage.


Expected Sequence of Harvest



Where does Gopal go in the list?





July 5

Naked Food Barley 108-414 (B10)


July 7

Karan 19 barley (B17)


July 9

Bere Barley(B08)  ok, it has a hull.... but I want to try malting

Red Fife Wheat (W25)


July 10

Karan 163 Barley (B02)

Karan 16 Barley (B03)


July 12

Blue Durum Wheat (W68)


July 14

Wasu Shu Barley (B14)


July 18

Sardinian Barley (B27)


July 19

Sumarie Mochi Barley (B06)




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