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2019 Fall Squash Family Harvest

Algonquian Squash

Great Lakes Staple Seeds

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Two elongated orange Algonquian squash fully ripe

(Cucurbita pepo); Heirloom; a Slow Food Ark of Taste variety; Hand-pollinated; Minimum 15 seeds

An Abenaki heirloom, Algonquian Squash's elongated fruits make fabulous pies with their sweet, nutty rich orange flesh. Not excessively viney, I grow them in hills though I suspect they would trellis well if space is an issue. Robust plants produce an abundance of pumpkins that resemble large zucchini at harvest - deep green mostly, with just a spot of orange where they rest on the ground. The orange color continues to develop when picked or if left on the vine until first frost. These fall delights keep for an extended period of time when properly cured and stored.

Please see Slow Food Foundation for Biodiversity's page on the Algonquian Squash.

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