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Cucurbita moschata

Rogosa Violina Gioia Squash

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Rogosa Violina Gioia Squash
Rogosa Violina Gioia Squash seed

(Cucurbita moschata); aka Violina Di Rugosa; Heirloom; Hand-pollinated; Minimum 15 seeds

Our current culinary favorite; dry, thick, rich orange flesh bakes up to an almost whipped consistancy, so sweet plain you'd swear it had honey on it. A small seed cavity means more delicous flesh for your dessert (yes, the natural sweetness is dessert quality) or baking needs. Vines of this Italian heirloom are not overly rambunctious but do require space. Fruits are larger than the typical butternut with a more pronounced pinching in the middle to give it the violin appearance for which it is named. Typical of moschatas, Rogosa is one of the later maturing squashes in our garden, but well worth the wait! Properly cured and stored, you are able to enjoy Rogosa Violina Gioia throughout winter.

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