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Floriani Red Flint Corn

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Floriani Red Flint Corn seeds
Floriani Red Flint Corn stalk
Floriani Red Flint Corn ears
Floriani Red Flint Corn roots
Floriani Red Flint Corn
Floriani Red Flint Corn

(Zea mays) 97 days

Floriani Red Flint corn is a rare, open-pollinated Italian landrace variety typically grown and ground into meal that is fabulous as polenta. This article has a nice review of the amazing history of this variety of corn and here is an interesting article on making tortillas including the nixtamalization process. Here we show making cornmeal and the results of our favorite polenta recipe.

I spaced 1 ft between plants.  I will use at least 30 inches between rows.  These are robust stalks! 

Packet sizes are in increments of 1 oz (~28 grams) which is approximately 100 seeds.  If you buy multiple increments, we'll combine packets when possible.

1 ounce plants one 100 foot row.  Remember, for best pollination, don't plant in a single 100 foot row, it is better to plant 5 rows that are 20 foot long.

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