100% Michigan Homestead Grown, 100% Open-Pollinated - Each & Every Seed


Wheat, barley, oats and miscellaneous grains are in individual collections.  Spring and winter wheat are current in the same wheat collection, the difference is denoted in the description.  Please use the click menu along the left side of the screen to open each collection. 

The grain seed photographs were taken with this level of magnification using a soft white incandescent light bulb for illumination.  The diameter of a quarter is 24.26 mm (0.955 in).  To give a common sense of scale, notice the 'edge' of the white dipping sauce bowl is consistent from picture to picture.

Those varieties with 0 inventory are either sold out or planned to be available after the Fall harvest; pending weather, birds and chipmunks; in that order!  I have used the full resolution of the images so you can zoom in to see detail.  This does slow down the page loading times.

To see initial dehulling barley tests using our Grainmaker mill, check this blog post.

Sorry, we don't seem to have that variety.