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Minnesota 13 Cowpea

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Pods on Minnesota 13 Cowpea
Pods forming on Minnesota 13 Cowpea
Patch of Minnesota 13 Cowpea

(Vigna unguiculata); Bush habit; Dual use: snap and dry; a Minnesota Connection variety; Minimum 20 seeds

As its name implies, Minnesota 13 (MN13) is a variety developed by the University of Minnesota as an early maturing option for northern growers. Edible at all stages of growth, MN 13's dry beans are known for their whimsical black and white Holstein pattern. Its plump purple-tipped pods excel as fresh beans. If kept picked, MN 13 produces until frost - though if you want to enjoy their hearty dry beans, later in the season, be sure to leave pods to mature on the plant.

Plants reach 24 inches.

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