100% Michigan Homestead Grown, 100% Open-Pollinated - Each & Every Seed


Why are so many varieties out of stock?

Unlike most seed companys, every seed sold is grown on our Michigan homestead. Of course this limits our inventory. Barring weather or critter disasters, I anticipate restocking in late October / early November.

There are four common species of squash and you can "safely" grow one variety from each species in the same garden without worry of cross-pollination. Keep in mind, however, that squash blossoms require pollinators, so there is the chance a bee unintentionally brings pollen from a neighboring garden. To avoid this risk, hand-pollination is recommended.

The four common species of squashes: Cucurbita (C.) angyrosperma, C. maxima, C. moschata, and C. pepo.

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