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Emmer seeds
Black Winter Emmer seeds
Blue Winter Emmer seeds
Mixed Winter Emmer seeds
Blue Winter Emmer heads

(Triticum dicoccum); Spring & Winter wheat;  


This year I am offering Five Strains of Emmer:

1) Golden Spring Emmer, originally from Kusa

2) Black Winter Emmer

3) Blue Winter Emmer

4) Black & White Winter Emmer

5) White Winter Emmer

in two package sizes

a) 50 hand selected seeds in hulls

b) 10 grams of seeds in hulls

c) quarter pound of seeds in hulls (113 g)


On our homestead, we do not yet have a method of consistently crack the hulls for making flour. Highly ornamental, many people grow emmer for decorative use.


For reference, 100 seeds with hulls weighs around 3.5 grams.

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