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Alfred Watling Pole Bean

Great Lakes Staple Seeds

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Large plump pods of Alfred Watling Pole Bean - nearing perfect shelly stage

(Phaseolus vulgaris); heirloom; an Indiana Connection variety; an Ohio Connection variety; pole bean; snap bean; minimum 20 seeds

This late 19th century pole bean was a variety offered by Indianapolis' J.M. Hartman and Daughters Seed Company. How cool is that? A "and Daughters" company! It comes from the family of Alfred Watling of Springfield, OH; by way of Ruth Spencer, New Carlisle OH.

At the snap stage, the large pods are flat and green, as they plump up for shellies, the pods yellow and sport an occasional red stripe. Harvested when dry, pods shell to reveal large kidney style beans that make flavorful pantry staples. Vines are not overly aggressive.


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