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Compare Our Common Pole Beans

This handy quick guide compares the varieties of common bean (Phaseolus vulgaris) offered at Great Lakes Staple Seeds that have a pole or climbing growth habit. Common usage is noted, though personal preferences may vary.

And in case you are wondering How'come so many dry beans?

Pole Bean Variety Dry Snap Shelly Note(s)
Alfred Watling x y z IN OH
Alubia de Tolosa x AoT
Anellino Giallo x y
Batumi Hashuli x
Berta Telaska x y
Blanche McGhee Climbing Bean x IN
Blue Shackamaxon x PA
Chabarowsk x z
Cornplanter Purple x y z GLR
Dolloff x y z
Faulkner's Cornfield Bean x OH
Fire Beans x y z MI
Hannah Freeman Bean x y z PA
Harsens Island Bean y MI
Haudenosaunee Skunk x GLR
Héritage Doré x
Kahnawake Mohawk x GLR
Laughing Arlie Greasy Bean y
Lowrey's Special x y
Major Cook's Climbing Bean x y z
Mawivuna Bean x
Miami Ohio Pole Bean x IN
Michigan Cassoulet (Tarbais) x
Mixed Cornfield Bean x MI
Mongeta del Ganxet x AoT
Munsee Wampum x
Norridgewock x
Pellegrini x y
Seneca Bird Egg Bean x y GLR
Seneca Corn Hill x GLR AoT
Smith Osborne x y
Stub's Mammoth Scipios x z
Succotash Bean x

Note Key: 2 letter State abbreviations; AoT = Ark of Taste; GLR = Great Lakes Region; ON = Ontario