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Alberta Clipper Dent Corn

Great Lakes Staple Seeds

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Alberta Clipper Corn (seeds)

(Zea mays); 65 day Dent Corn

  • 3-4' tall plant

  • This very early maturing dent corn comes from Alberta, Canada.  Although Alberta is not in the Great Lakes Region, it does balance nicely with our Gaspé Flint Corn from the East Coast of Canada.  Recommended use for dent corn includes masa. The small 6 inch ears are reported to be free of corn ear worm due to the long husks. Plants are mature at 3 to 4 ft. tall with one ear per plant. Given to us by a researcher from Canada who was working with short season crops for the most northern areas of North America. 

    Seed originally from northern Alberta, Canada and grown/selected by Ken Asmuth for Oikos Tree Crops who spent years selecting for consistent performance.


    In the plan for 2022 or 2023... yes, I have too many interesting corns to try...

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