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Bill Jump's Soup Pea

Great Lakes Staple Seeds

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Bill Jump's Soup Pea variety - A bowl of enticingly plump, dark red dry peas with pods

(Pisum sativum); Heirloom; Minimum 20 seeds

I adore soup peas, especially if they also are a flavorful snow pea and shelling pea; Bill Jump's Soup Pea is exactly that. Originally grown in Washington State in the 1930's by Mr. Bill Jump, this pea is a variety that entered the seed saving community in the 1980s through Mr. Jump's great-grandson, Dennis Miller. Prolific vines that easily top a 6' trellis are replete with a profusion of dark pink blooms. Pods are tasty young as fresh snow peas, but as its name implies, this pea is best as a soup pea. Its dry seeds are enticingly large and deep red, providing a meaty, nourishing addition to winter comfort foods.


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