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Blue Durum Wheat

Great Lakes Staple Seeds

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Awned spikes of Blue Durum Wheat near maturity - field view
Threshed Blue Durum Wheat kernels ready for planting or milling
A bundle of freshly harvested Blue Durum Wheat tillers in the field

(Triticum durum); Awned; Spring-planted

Widely grown throughout the Middle East, the high protein kernels of durum wheats are the hardest of the wheats. This means their gluten content is not readily available and Blue Durum is better suited as a pasta flour instead of a bread flour. Gorgeous awned heads give Blue Durum an ornamental appeal and the wheat is preferred for wheat weaving.

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a) 50 choice hand selected seeds
b) 7 grams  (1/4 ounce) of seed

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