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Desi Garbanzo Bean

Great Lakes Staple Seeds

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Desi Garbanzo Bean

(Cicer arietinum); Bush habit; Minimum 25 seeds

Desi Garbanzos are nutritional powerhouses, versatile in the kitchen and low-maintenance in the garden which means they are a great addition to a healthy lifestyle. These earthy gems grow on medium sized bushes with lacey foliage and delicate unique flowers that develop into fat pods that can be eaten fresh or allowed to mature for their dry pulses. Desi is a reliable and productive variety for us in our Michigan gardens.

If harvesting as dry pulses, the pods shell more easily if allowed to fully dry since each is covered with a natural layer of saponin (Mother Nature's soap) that causes them to "squish" inward instead of splitting open when shelled early.

Grow as you would dry beans.

Chickpeas are wonderfully versatile pantry staples as evidenced by this amazing Lemony Chickpea Cake recipe - I know it sounds weird but it really is a "make again" cake!

Please note the plants of this species are commonly referred to as chickpeas and garbanzos interchangeably.

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