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Cho Seun Zo Saeng Upland Rice

Great Lakes Staple Seeds

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Cho Seun Zo Saeng Upland Rice Seeds

(Oryza sativa); Upland variety; Landrace;

The robust plants of Cho Seun Zo Saeng reach 54 inches and tiller heavily. An awnless variety, its name translates from Korean to mean early growth of the Chosŏn Dynasty (1392-1897.) Productive heads easily thresh to yield plump, short brown grains.

Our stock seed originated with John Sherck who received his from Vermont seed steward Sylvia Davatz. John reports Cho Seun Zo Saeng yielded 16 pounds per 100 square foot in his 2016 grow-out, the most productive of the varieties trialed.

Extremely limited: Packet contains 50 hand selected seeds.

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