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Coral Sorghum

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Coral Sorghum
Coral Sorghum
Seeds of Coral Sorghum had difficult reaching maturity in Michigan

(Sorghum bicolor); Minimum seeds: 7 grams (1/4 oz) 

Coral is from Sudan.  Our original seed stock came from the grower for Experimental Farm Network.  I agree with the observation it is little more difficult to thresh than others. 

Resources we've found useful in our sorghum syrup adventures are listed in the Rox Orange entry.

This longer maturing variety did not yield in 2019 enough viable seeds to consider selling. I have included a photo of the seed produced. I'm confident I'll find enough to germinate, I plan to try again. Although no more than 8 ft tall, the multiple super thick stalk diameters were impressive! 

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