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Covelo Bush Bean

Great Lakes Staple Seeds

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Unique Covelo dry beans- plump oval rosy brown with a distinctive dark circle surrounding each crisp white hilum
A block of Covelo Bush Bean Plants

(Phaseolus vulgaris); Bush bean; Dual use: snap or dry; Minimum 20 seeds

Covelo bean originates in California's Round Valley, much of which is the Round Valley Indian Reservation. Notable for this heritage variety is that University of California researchers consider it genetically unique as they are unable to match it with another known bean variety. It is believed members of the Round Valley Tribes forced onto the reservation in the 1860s bred Covelo to thrive in the extreme summer heat. Given we notice in southeast Michigan a trend toward hotter, more dry summers, Covelo is a logical addition to our gardens.

Compact bushes do well planted in a block. When picked early, Covelo's flat Romano style pods are yummy snap bean.

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