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Early Mohawk Bean

Great Lakes Staple Seeds

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Early Mohawk Bean; P. Vulgaris; Bush; Dual purpose;

Unfortunately the 2018 seed harvest was not up to my standards and I am not comfortable offering them for sale. I do intend to grow Early Mohawk this season.

(Phaseolus vulgaris); Heirloom; Bush bean; Dual purpose: dry or snap; Minimum 20 seeds

Massachusetts Seedsman Fearing Burr Jr. described Early Mohawk in his 1863 Field and Garden Vegetables of America: "The Early Mohawk is quite productive, and one of the hardiest of the Dwarf varieties. It is well adapted for early planting, and is extensively grown by market gardeners as an early string-bean... if gathered as they become of suitable size, the plants will continue to yield them in great abundance." A quality we'd add to this description is that Early Mohawk thrived despite little attention from us. The pretty seed are also tasty and versatile as dry beans.

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