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Fledderjohn Soybean

Great Lakes Staple Seeds

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(Glycine max); non-GMO*; an Illinois Connection variety; Bush bean; Dual use: fresh and dry; Minimum 20 seeds

Wow! When Fledderjohn's fresh, plump pods are wonderfully buttery as edamame / maodao at roughly the 65 day mark. Phil Zacks of Crystal Lake Illinois named this variety after his grandfather who was gifted seeds from a missionary friend returning home from Japan.

Fledderjohn's bush plants are tidy, not sprawling, and reach a height of 2.5 feet. As with all soybean, they are of great beneficial to your garden as their nitrogen fixation ability facilitates building healthy soil.

Yu Xiao's time-honored way of preparing maodou (fresh soybeans / edamame)

* Our stock seed comes from a source who guarantees GMO-free status and our gardens are many, many miles from commercial soybean growers.

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