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Grand Forks Soybean

Great Lakes Staple Seeds

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Grand Forks Soybean; G. max; NON-GMO; Bush; Fresh; Dry; Dual-purpose

(Glycine max); Heirloom; non-GMO*; Bush bean; Fresh; Dry bean; Minimum 25 seeds

Grand Forks is an heirloom soybean with roots in British Columbia's Doukhobor community. These soil-builders (nitrogen fixers) offer all the benefits of a soybean crop – nutritious & versatile dry beans, delicious fresh pods, low maintenance cultural needs and reliable harvests. The cute bi-color seeds are rich, sweet and creamy as cooked beans. Compact plants are suitable for small gardens.

Yu Xiao's time-honored way of preparing maodou (fresh soybeans / edamame)

* Our stock seed was sourced from a colleague who guarantees GMO-free status and our gardens are many miles from commercial soybean growers.

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