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Hort's Climbing Pea Lima Bean

Great Lakes Staple Seeds

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Hort's Climbing Pea Lima Bean

(Phaseolus lunatus); Pole bean; LIMITED INVENTORY; Minimum 10 seeds

I received these cuties from fellow seed addict Karen Golden of Michigan Heirlooms; unfortunately, only the name was on the bag...

In our garden, Hort's Climbing Pea Lima vines are polite climbers, reaching 6 feet without overwhelming their trellis. Diminutive pods appeared early in comparison to many of our lima varieties and were in abundance, each holding an average of three plump seeds sized like shell peas. Plants kept producing until frost. Although I harvested for dry beans, I suspect they are also good as shellies. Pods that were still green at frost were devoured by our poultry.

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