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Indiana Baltimore Tomato

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Indiana Baltimore Tomato

(Solanum lycopersicum); Indeterminate; Canning / Market; Regular leaf; Mid-season maturity; Minimum 15 seeds

"One of the Best Canning and Market Tomato Ever Grown" - proclaimed in 1931 by S.D. Woodruff & Sons, a prominant seed house of Orange, Connecticut. Developed through the combined efforts of the Indiana Canners Association and Purdue University scientists, Indiana Baltimore lives up to the promise that it will "give an excellent account of itself." Robust plants are prolific producers of uniform, meaty, flavorful tomatoes.

A fun little note on connectedness - I went to high school about 15 miles from where Stiles D. Woodruff had his original seed warehouse and Purdue University is our alma mater- it's as if we were meant to grow these beauties!

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