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Jeanne Wolf Pea

Great Lakes Staple Seeds

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Don't let the diminutive size of these Jeanne Wolf Pea plants fool you - white flowers mature to short pods that burst with fat, flavorful shell peas.

(Pisum sativum); a Minnesota Connection variety; Heritage - Centennial; Shelling pea; Bush pea; Minimum 20 seeds

Golden Valley Minnesota's Jeanne Wolf introduced these little sweeties to the gardening community in 1988. An heirloom pea so cherished in her husband's family that after emigrating in the 1850's when they were unable to find a suitable replacement variety, they made arrangements to have their relatives in Alsace-Lorraine ship them seeds for their Minnesota garden.

Self-supporting plants are small, averaging 5-8 inches, making them well-suited for containers. Don't let the diminutive size of Jeanne Wolf Pea plants fool you, their cute white flowers mature to small pods that burst with fat flavorful shell peas when ripe. Early maturing, plants keep producing over an extended harvest window if kept picked. Allow pods to dry on the plants for seed but be sure to monitor pods frequently for shattering.


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