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Kali Black Gram Mung Bean

Great Lakes Staple Seeds

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Kali Balck Gram Mung Bean; V. mungo; Dward Bush; Dry

(Vigna mungo); Heirloom; Dwarf bush; Dry bean; Minimum 30 seeds

We grew Kali Black Gram for the first time as a means to increase diversity of our plant-based pantry-friendly protein sources. The fact that it was the only Vigna mungo in our garden was an added bonus as we didn't have to worry about cross-pollination. The plants and furry pods are small as one would expect from their seed size. Prolific and low-maintenance, their compact stature allows for close spacing. Mung beans are used like red lentils in Indian and Nepalese cuisine. They are also good sprouted. Our seeds trace back to Bhaktapur, a UNESCO World Heritage Site located in the Kathmandu Valley of Nepal by way of Anpetu Oihankesni in Colorado and Adaptive Seeds in Oregon.

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