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Kindred Orange Buttercup Squash

Great Lakes Staple Seeds

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Kindred Orange Buttercup Squash; C. maxima; Hand-pollinated; Container Garden;

(Cucurbita maxima); Hand-pollinated; Minimum 15 seeds

Short vines that trellis well and produce small (3-5 pound) fruit make Kindred Orange Buttercup an excellent choice for small or container gardens. The cute brilliant orange turban shaped squashes with their gray-green buttons are one of the first to mature in our Michigan garden and we harvested an average of 7 squashes per plant. Scrumptiously sweet and creamy when baked, Kindred Orange's small size is more manageable for smaller culinary needs. Its small seed cavity means more yummy flesh to enjoy. An excellent keeper properly cured and stored, though with their irresistible sweetness, storage might not be an issue... Earned a coveted spot on our “must-grow” list.

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