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Kriebel's Colonel Bean

Great Lakes Staple Seeds

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Kribel's Colonel Bean; P. Vulgaris; Colonel Bean; Kernal Bush; Bush; Shelly; Dry; Dual-purpose

(Phaseolus vulgaris); aka Colonel, Kernal Bush; Heirloom; Bush bean; Dual purpose: shelly or dry; Minimum 20 seeds

We sourced these beauties from the Roughwood Seed Collection when it was still directly offering seeds. Having lost my notes due to several misfortunate computer incidents, I reached out to Owen Taylor, an active seed keeper in the Philadelphia area, who managed the collection at that time. He said they received the beans from Sadie Kriebel, a Schwenkfelder who exhibited at the Kutztown Folk Festival, America's oldest Folklife festival. Compact bushes are great space savers. The beans are superb as shellies, making colorful additions to mixed vegetable pickles.



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