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A.W. Livingston's Paragon Tomato

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A.W. Livingston's Paragon Tomato

(Solanum lycopersicum); Heritage - Centennial; an Ohio Connection variety

Released to the general market in 1870, a result of "good cultivation and wise selection from season to season" Livingson named this variety Paragon on "account of its superior excellence in comparison with all others in the market at that time..."

"This discovery, like all others, soon produced a revolution. As a general field-crop tomato culture had been of little general interest up to this date. To be sure, Mr. Harrison W. Crosby canned and sold the tomato as far back as the year 1848, buth that which caused it to increase phenomenally, and rival the potato as a profitable crop to grow, was the discovery of the Paragon, and the universally smooth varieties that followed it." - A.W. Livingston 1893

Learn more about Paragon's fascinating history and the "new method" used in its development with this pdf.

 Coming after fall 2023 harvest.

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