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John's Mixed Peruvian Pole Lima

Great Lakes Staple Seeds

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Shelled John's Mixed Peruvian Lima Beans with their myriad patterns of red, cream, caramel, brown, and black.

(Phaseolus lunatus); a Michigan Connection variety; Pole bean; Minimum 25 beans

A fiery assortment of medium sized lima beans patterned in shades of red, cream, caramel, brown, and black, this lima bean variety especially warms my heart as it is connected with a wonderful seedsman and friend, Mr. John Edgerton. John donated this mix in the early 1980's to Seed Savers Exchange when he was saving seeds from his Indiana growing adventures. Now he and his wife Amy run Harvest of Joy Farm over on the west side of the state.

Vines produced until frost and appreciate at least a 6-foot trellis.


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