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Madison Farmers' Market Peanut

Great Lakes Staple Seeds

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Madison Wisconsin Peanut Seeds
Pods and roots of Madison Farmers' Market Peanut grown in Michigan (northern midwest)

(Arachis hypogaea); Sold in shell; Minimum 1/2 ounce (at least 15 shelled seeds)

October 2019 afforded us the wonderful opportunity to attend the inaugural Upper Midwest Seed Summit in Madison Wisconsin. In the after-glow of the conference sessions we visited Madison's Producers' Only Farmers' Market which stipulates that what is offered for sale must be grown or produced by the vendor. We were quite excited to find a vendor offering peanuts and reasoned if they were grown in Wisconsin, they'd do well for us in southeast Michigan. Of course some came home with us and they didn't disappoint!

Growing peanuts for the first time? Please see our Peanut Growing Guide.

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