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Margaret McKee Baking Pea

Great Lakes Staple Seeds

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Glorious golden dry Margaret McKee Baking Peas awaiting their addition to a hearty soup or satisfying comfort casserole shown with dry pods.
A garden plant view of cheery bicolor Margaret McKee Baking Pea blossoms

(Pisum sativum); Heirloom; Dry pea; Minimum 20 seeds

An early 20th century heirloom from Canada, these sturdy plants are grown on short trellising (up to 2 feet) or as bushes with external support. The abundance of cheery bi-color flowers mature to chubby pods housing large gold-brown mottled peas that when dry are delicious in baking recipes. Typical of peas Margaret McKee Baking Pea  prefers cooler temperatures and keeps producing when kept picked. An early maturing variety in our gardens. A family favorite!

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