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Pelon Colorado (Oaxacan Strain) Wheat

Great Lakes Staple Seeds

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Landrace Pelon Colorado (Oaxacan Strain) Wheat kernels threshed and ready for milling, whole-grain enjoyment or for planting
Mature harvested awned spikes of landrace Pelon Colorado (Oaxacan Strain) Wheat ready for threshing - up-close view

(Triticum aestivum); Heritage; Landrace; Awned; Fall-planted; Minimum 50 seeds

A landrace Mexican bread wheat Pelon Colorado has been traditionally grown by farmers in the Oaxaca region for over 250 years. Our original seed stock comes from John Sherck who trialed it on his northern Indiana homestead. John obtained a small amount of seed from Mexico in 2017 from Genis Siso Penalver who has started a project to reclaim Oaxacan heritage wheats and plans to produce stone milled flour. This line is originally from the Mixteca Alta region in Western Oaxaca State.

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