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Argenteum Pea

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A gorgeous two-toned dusty rose Argenteum Pea blossom with its showy silvery grey-blue foliage
Argenteum Pea
A vibrant two-toned pink Argenteum pea blossom amidst stunning gray-blue tinted foliage. There's even a pod seen plumping up!
Argenteum Pea

(Pisum sativum); aka Silver Leaf Pea; Climbing pea; Dual use: shelling or soup; Minimum 20 seeds

Unique with its grey-blue hued foliage, Argenteum is one of our first peas to blossom, and oh how their two-toned purple-dusty rose blossoms are so daintily pretty! A second distinguishing trait of Argenteum, also known as Silver Leaf pea, is its blooms tend to develop at the tips of the branches as opposed to along their sides. Vines are short - less than two foot, so I grow them closely spaced as self-supporting bushes. Fresh mature pods are plumply round at 2 inches long by half an inch wide and hold succulent garden (shelling) peas that make a satisfying soup pea if allowed to dry on the plant.

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