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Red Fife Wheat

Great Lakes Staple Seeds

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Red Fife Wheat
Red Fife wheat seeds (berries)

(Triticum aestivum); aka Halychanka; Heritage - Centennial; Hard Red Spring; a Slow Food Ark of Taste variety; an Ontario Connection variety

    Although originating in Ukraine, this famous heirloom wheat was first grown in 1840 in North America in the region of Otonabee, now Central Ontario, Canada by David Fife who carried with him a few seeds when he came from Scotland. It was received by the USDA in November 1918. Here in southeast Michigan, yield and quality are very good but this is a late variety and so risks frost damage. 

    As Red Fife is is commonly available, I have not devote growing space to expand the packet size available.  I maintain it to serve as a reference.

    I have two different 'packets' available, minimum:

    a) 7 grams / 1/4 ounce of seed 

    b) 50 hand selected seeds

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