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Reid Yellow Dent Corn

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Reid Yellow Dent Corn

105 day

One of the most popular open-pollinated yellow variety grown in the country. Especially well suited for the Corn Belt. Originated by Robert Reid of Illinois in 1847 and improved by his son, James L. Reid, from 1870 to 1900. Color is deep yellow, with a lighter cap, but a reddish tinge often appears. The cobs tend to be small and dark red. Ears are 9 to 10 in. long and 7 to 8 in. around. Ear tapers slightly, with 16 to 22 closely spaced rows. Kernels are very deep and narrow to medium in width, slightly keystone in shape, with a square crown. Slightly rough, with kernels dented on top. Stalks are tall and leafy and make very good silage. Adapted to virtually every state. Seed is untreated. Matures in 100-110 days.

Our original seed came from Green Haven in New York.  This variety is planned for 2022.

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