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Risser Sickle Pea

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Risser Sickle Pea

(Pisum sativum); Heirloom; Snow or shell pea - petits pois; Minimum 20 seeds

Eighteenth century horticulturists Thomas Mawe and John Abercrombie comment on this English pea variety in their writings in the mid, to late 1700s. This unique heirloom is available today thanks in part to the careful multi-generational stewardship by Ida Shriner Risser's family in Lancaster County Pennsylvania.

Named for its pods that curve like the blade of a sickle, this prolific climbing variety does well on a 6 foot trellis. Enjoy the peas fresh as a snow when pods are young or shell when they plump with peas for deliciously sweet petits pois.

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