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Ruviotti Bean

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Ruviotti Bean

(Phaseolus vulgaris); Heirloom; Bush bean; Dry bean; Minimum 20 seeds

An Italian heirloom with origins in Umbria, Ruviotti is a compact bush bean producing an abundance of fat pods housing 5-6 small roundish beans each. The dry beans maintain their shape and firm consistency after an overnight soak and are well suited for slow cooking. It is claimed they have a taste of hazelnut which pairs well with goose meat (Shhh! Don't let my geese know!) and is a satisfying component in vegetable soups or lamb ragu. We obtained our seed stock from Ben Cohen at the spring 2017 Central Michigan Seed Swap. A quick side-note about the Central Michigan Seed Swap - if you are in the area at the time, this is an excellent venue to source interesting seeds, attend great presentations and connect with some pretty awesome people - seed friends are the best! Ben grew the Ruviotti as part of the Gardens Across America Project.

A delectable Pasta Con I Fagioli recipe for your ruviotti beans is found here.

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