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Schroeder's Creeper Pea

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Schroeder's Creeper Pea

(Pisum sativum); a Michigan Connection variety; Dual use: shelling or dry; Bush; Minimum

A variety from the garden of Belleville Michigan's Alvin Shroeder, this mid-season maturing pea is enjoyed as a petite, succulent sweet garden pea or as flavorful quick-cooking smooth textured, thin skinned dry peas. Creeper is an apt name as vines are very short, preferring a more horizontal growth habit creating a full canopy with a maximum height of ~18 inches. Its inedible pods are a good green addition to your compost pile.

Retired from Chrysler, Alvin, a farmer and avid gardener for many years, was also an antique tractor enthusiast belonging to the Richmond Antique Engine and Threshing Association. He passed away July 11, 2013 at the age of 93.

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