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Seed Drying Trays - Available In Person Only at Trade Events

Great Lakes Staple Seeds

Regular price $7.00
 Small and Heavy Duty sized seed drying trays

These are available only in person at seed events - dates will follow when scheduled.

We cut and assemble the material to make seed drying trays for our own seed saving and processing. 

The seed drying trays do not package well for shipping, so we only offer them for pick-up when we attend seed events.   We build 4 sizes:

SMALL  $7.00             6x6 inches         peppers, tomatoes, ...

MEDIUM  $10.00       12x12 inches       legumes & squash

LARGE  $24.00         20.5x20.5 inches  legumes & squash

HEAVY DUTY  $28.00  20.5x20.5 inches (deeper than large)  ear corn


We start with pine lumber cut to create a uniformly mitered frame.

Wood glue is applied to each joint before air nailing with crown staples.

Small and Medium Trays have bottoms made out of metal window screen retained by pine trim strips glued and stapled into place. The Large Tray has a bottom of window screen reinforced by hardware cloth. The Heavy Duty Tray's bottom is just hardware cloth.

Here the bottom of the Large Tray is visible to show the pine trim strips. 

Large Trays in action with wet squash seeds.

The Large Trays were designed for stacking on a horizontal window box fan.  The fan is resting on a plastic crate so it can draw the air inward and blow it up through the stack of trays.

The pine wood is bare without stains or oil applied.