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Sherck Composite Peanut Mix

Great Lakes Staple Seeds

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Composite Mix Peanut Seeds
Composite Mix Peanut plants grown in Michigan
Close up of the root nodules of Composite Mix Peanut plants grown in Michigan
Composite Mix Peanut forming pegs
Composite Mix Peanut

(Arachis hypogaea); Sold in shell; an Indiana Connection variety; Minimum 1 ounce

"This composite mix is made up of the best tasting and earliest maturing peanuts I have found suitable for Northern Indiana"--said Indiana seedsman John Sherck, our seed stock source; now they've moved further north to Michigan!

This composite may contain pods of the following varieties:

  • Tennessee Valencia Red         –  Excellent flavor and earliness
  • Black                                      –  Earliest to mature 
  • Thai Peanut                            –  Excellent flavor              
  • Fastigiata Pin Striped Peanut – Sweet and resistant to mycotoxins

plus whatever crosses the bees performed.

2020 growing notes: Direct seeded first week of June in well-drained loam, plants were gently harvested whole, carefully digging around the whole plant, lifting it with a potato fork. We kept the peanuts in the ground for as long as possible, starting whole plant harvest when the leaves were mostly yellowed before our first light frost in mid-September, continuing into October. After harvest we hung them in the barn to allow them to completely dry down.

Growing peanuts for the first time? Please see our Peanut Growing Guide.

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