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Sherck Composite Peanut Mix

Great Lakes Staple Seeds

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Composite Mix Peanut Seeds
Composite Mix Peanut plants grown in Michigan
Close up of the root nodules of Composite Mix Peanut plants grown in Michigan
Composite Mix Peanut forming pegs
Composite Mix Peanut

(Arachis hypogaea); Sold in shell;   

Seed from our garden; Minimum 1 ounce

This composite mix is made up of the best tasting and earliest maturing peanuts I have found suitable for Northern Indiana--said John Sherck, their source.   Now they've moved further north to Michigan!

The following varieties were used for this composite mix:

  • Tennessee Valencia Red –  Excellent flavor and earliness
  • Black                               –  Earliest to mature 
  • Thai Peanut                     –  Excellent flavor              
  • Fastigiata Peanut             – Sweet and resistant to mycotoxins

 plus whatever crosses the bees performed.

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