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Swedish Red Pea

Great Lakes Staple Seeds

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Swedish Red Pea

(Pisum sativum); aka Biskopens gråært, Bishop's Grey, Bishop's Greypea, Bishop's Red; Heirloom; Climbing pea; Dry pea; Minimum 30 seeds

Tracing their roots to the old fashioned field peas that sustained northern Europeans long ago, hearty, delicous Swedish Reds earn their place in today's gardens. Vigorous vines that easily top a 5 foot trellis are prolific. Beautiful bicolor flowers give way to plump pods holding 5-6 large deep red peas. Dried, the peas are excellent pantry staples for soup, stews, casseroles and any recipe calling for a marrowfat pea.

Harvested in mid August, in our garden, these peas matured later than other soup varieties.


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