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Grey Speckled Palapye Cowpea

Great Lakes Staple Seeds

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Grey Speckled Palapye Cowpea; V. unguiculata; Bush; Dry;

(Vigna unguiculata); Heirloom; Bush bean; Dry bean; Minimum 40 seeds

Cowpeas are considered one of the oldest domesticated crops still under cultivation and are prized for their nutritional value. In the 1990s NASA investigated them as potential crops to sustain space exploration. Seeds and leaves are excellent sources of vitamins, minerals and protein. Hailing from a market in Palapye, Botswana, this hearty variety does well in northern gardens. Compact bushes do send out short runners that twine about themselves. Grey Speckled Palapye yields an impressively heavy harvest of dry beans, as well as more than a few green pods enjoyed fresh on-the-spot while gardening. We have fun "unzipping" the long slender pods for their delightful little seeds. Earned a spot on our “must-grow” list.

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