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Cow Cowpea

Great Lakes Staple Seeds

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Despite their rather bland name "Cow" thefty sized, solid black dry cowpeas excell as pantry staples.

(Vigna unguiculata); Climbing habit; Dual use: snap and dry; an Ohio Connection variety;

From the collection of Ohio's late seedsman Tom Knoche, Cow's fairly bland name does not do justice to its performance in our southeast Michigan garden. Succulent ~9 inch pods (~23 cm) develop on long peduncles poking out of lush lower foliage of robust plants that do send out vigorous runners. When allowed to dry on the plant, the pods shell easily to reveal 20 or more large pure black seeds. Kept picked, plants remain productive for fresh eating for an extended picking window but don't forget to leave enough late in the season for dry beans!

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