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Takara Early Adzuki Bean

Great Lakes Staple Seeds

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Takara Early Adzuki (Vigna angularis) bean seeds with pods

(Vigna angularis); Bush; Minimum 30 seeds

These cheery little beans, often featured as a paste in beany sweets or as noodles, are fabulous whole in salads and combined with grains. Takara Early's tidy buhes are productive and compact. They require similar cultivation needs as soybeans and dry beans.

Ken Albala in his Beans A History gives the following recipe to transform adzuki beans into the versatile paste:

"Take a cup or so of red beans and put them in a pot with water. Bring to boil and then drain. Add fresh water and a good handful of sugar. Boil for about an hour until the beans fall apart. You can keep them chunky or mash them with a potato masher until very finely textured. You can also press them through a ricer, a food mill or a processor for a very fine texture, which should be not unlike refried beans."


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