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Vaquero Bean

Great Lakes Staple Seeds

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dry Vaquero beans (Phaseolus vulgaris) in a bowl
A serving of cooked Vaquero beans on a bed of squash noodles
Three firm Vaquero Beans illustrate that they hold their shape when cooked

(Phaseolus vulgaris); Bush bean with runners; Dry bean; Minimum 20 seeds

One look at these uniquely spotted beans and it is easy to imagine a pot full of them slow-cooking over the campfire of Vaqueros (Spanish cowboys) as they wrangle a herd of wild appaloosas. Gorgeous as dry beans, Vaquero are prized for their hearty, wonderfully rich pot liquor (think "thick bean juice") and a texture that holds it shape, making them perfect for winter comfort food - chili, pot beans, casseroles, and stews. Prolific plants are bushy with short runners and thrived despite this summer's less than ideal growing conditions. A new addition to my "must grow" list!

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