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Anellino Giallo Pole Bean

Great Lakes Staple Seeds

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Dry burgundy with light rose speckling Anellino Giallo "Shrimp Bean" seeds -  with their quirky curved dry pods
Also known as Shrimp Beans, C shaped Pods of Anellino Giallo pole beans ripening in the sun on the trellis

(Phaseolus vulgaris); aka Yellow Shrimp Bean; Italian heirloom; Pole bean; Snap bean; Minimum 20 seeds

A staple in Italian gardens with its stunning curved yellow pods, Anellino Giallo is a treasured Roma bean variety with fabuluous flavor. In addition to a myriad of fresh uses for its unique "C" shaped pods, their firm texture has them well-suited as refrigerator pickles. Productive vigorous vines easily top a 6 foot trellis.


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