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Barksdale Wax Bean

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(Phaseolus vulgaris); Pole; Heritage - Centennial; an Illinois Connection variety; Fresh; Minimum 20 seed

This centennial pole wax bean variety originates in the garden of Lavera Halsclaw, the aunt of Salem Illinois gardener Claude Barksdale. At the tender age of 101 Lavera passed seeds of the wax bean she'd been growing for 40-50 years, (estimated since circa 1920) to her nephew. Claude grew his family's bean in abundance for many seasons, sharing some seeds with neighbors Albert and Cora Swalley in 1983. In 1984 George and Jerreth McLaughlin received the bean from the Swalleys, Jerreth's grandparents. Barksdale Wax bean is a wonderful example of family tradition and seed stewardship.

White flowers on strongly vining plants give way to long pale yellow pods (6.5-9 inches) known for a crisp and juicy, fruity flavor when enjoyed as a snap bean.

Barksdale Wax is a late maturing variety on our southeast Michigan homestead. I grow it for use in dilly bean and chow-chow recipes.

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