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Basta Bean

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Basta Bean

(Phaseolus vulgaris); Heirloom; a Minnesota Connection variety; Bush bean; Dual use: snap and dry; Minimum

Okay, I admit I was originally drawn to this bean because its name conjured an image of a wholesome dish of robust and hearty beans on a cccold midwinter's night. A Mr. Lorence introduced the variety to the seed community. It is named for his Grandmother Basta (1870-1948) who brought the bean with her when she moved in ~1900 from Nebraska to Minnesota.

Direct seeded in our southeast Michigan garden the first week of June, Basta's pods begin drying down at the end of August. Monitor plants frequently as once pods are dry they have a tendency to shatter. Mature pods contain 3-5 plump dry beans that are satisfyingly creamy and smooth when cooked. Basta's pods reportedly are juicy snaps when young but we prefer dry beans.

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