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Beaumont's Gray Creaseback Bean

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(Phaseolus vulgaris); Heritage - Centennial; a Pennsylvania Connection variety; Pole; Dual use - snap, dry; Minimum 20 seeds

A vigorous pole bean, Beaumont's Gray Creaseback Bean was introduced to the seed saving community by Sarah Kaulback (1917-2009.) Her grandparents passed the bean down to her with the story that their family grew it in the kitchen garden of the historic White Horse Tavern (est. 1750) for at least 100 years. The bean is named for Brownsburg Pennsylvania's Beaumont family that served them as baked beans in their Beaumont Tavern (est. 1798.) The slightly blue-gray color of its small, kidney shaped dry beans hints at the variety's other name - Blue Gunpowder Bean, which according to local lore originates from the following historic incident relayed in a tale that accompanies the beans as they pass through generations:

"One day, a cook set the beans to soak in a keg. To keep out pests, the keg lid was nailed in place, then the beans were placed near the iron stove. During the night, the beans became too warm and began to ferment. The well-sealed keg built up gases and exploded, covering the interior of the tavern with hot beans."

As a snap bean, the pods are sweet, juicy, and of good flavor. Vigorous climbers, the vines are mid-season maturing as purple flowers give way to 6-7 inch pods.

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