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Fire Beans

Great Lakes Staple Seeds

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Fire Beans

(Phaseolus vulgaris); Heirloom; a Michigan Connection variety; Pole bean; Multiple use: snap, shelly or dry; Minimum: 20 seeds

Wonderfully versatile, Fire Beans epitomize the family heirloom bean and reinforce the integral relationships associated with seeds, family and community. A Sebewaing gardener's Great Grandmother carried seeds of her prized beans with her when she emmigrated from Germany in 1849. Lovingly stewarded for decades within the family, they appeared frequently on the summer table, enjoyed as a snap bean with butter and summer savory; their prolific nature allowed for extensive canning as well. Tender snap bean (weak suture string), unique, flavorful shelly and sweet, creamy dry bean. Mid-season maturing vines easily top a six foot trellis and produce long pods that turn leathery when allowed to dry.

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