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Marfax Bean

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Marfax Bean

(Phaseolus vulgaris); aka Marifax, Marafax; Indigenous heirloom; Bush bean; Dry bean; Minimum 30 seeds

Very well suited for northern growing conditions, Marfax is a reliable, baked bean variety identified by Frederick Wiseman's Seeds of Renewal Project as having Abenaki roots in New England. A traditional feature of European settlers' old-time Maine logging camps is the “Bean Hole”, the rock-lined fire pit in which crocks of Marfax beans slow-cooked all day with molasses and bacon, creating a rich hearty meal for the loggers to enjoy when returning to camp at the end of their work-day. Similar results are achieved using a dutch oven or slow-cooker. In addition to baked beans, Marfax is an excellent addition to soups and stews as they retain their shape and firmness upon cooking. Prolific in our Michigan garden.

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